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We are a Uk based manufacturer and distributor of quality adhesives based on cyanoacrylate, epoxy resin, anaerobic acrylic , methacrylate, silicone and many other types , check back regularly as this site is updated every day!

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We supply a full range of adhesives Cyanoacrylate cyano superglue, Epoxy resin, cellulose, plastic weld, acrylic / methacrylates, UV cure, Cellulose based balsa cement glue, Rubber cement glue, specialist adhesives, polystyrene foam adhesives, odourless cyanoacrylates, accessory products such as debonders, glue remover, non whitening activator for cyanoacrylates, Kapow filler powders, polyethylene adhesive, universal bonding pack for all plastics! the list just goes on and on......